K Angel Beauty Hair Extensions was created for women who enjoy wearing hair extensions and love being able to change up their hair styles and try new colors without damaging their own natural hair.

I am C.L., the Founder of K Angel Beauty Hair Extensions. I personally love to wear hair extensions, create different hairstyles and color my hair extensions all while protecting my own natural hair. I have had many bad experiences with purchasing extensions from poor quality hair to horrible customer service.

How many of you ladies spend tons of money on your hair extensions but cannot talk to anyone directly on the phone? How many times have you purchased expensive hair extensions and the hair shows up in a flimsy plastic bag? It had me asking myself where is the love for the hard-working women who spend their money on hair extensions? As the Founder of K Angel Beauty Hair Extensions I want  to offer my customers a satisfying experience of quality hair extensions, products and outstanding customer service.

I want my customers to understand that I have been that person behind a computer screen or in a store buying expensive hair extensions and not knowing the outcome.

K Angel Beauty Hair Extensions is here to offer you what we have been missing in the hair world. We guarantee our quality hair extensions & products at affordable prices, custom packaging and outstanding customer service.

We are here to answer any questions about our hair extensions, products and have even created a page called Hair Details to provide you with hair care tips. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you for shopping K Angel Beauty Hair Extensions now Rise, Beautify & Shine.

In loving memory of my mother, my K Angel, Kay Washington.